Glass Rolling Filter Tips

SHM Glass Rolling Tips 8mm / 9mm

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Why waste time making paper crutch filters when you can use one of these? SHM Glass Rolling Tips are inspired by the ingenuity of modern smokers who are constantly on the search for a more efficient and enjoyable experience. Each tip is made using high-quality borosilicate glass with incredible thickness, offering you a great experience every single time. Perfect for rolling joints, blunts, and even backwoods. Available in 8mm and 9mm tip sizes, these easily fit all standard-sized rolling machines and offer even better smoother pull, compared to obsolete paper crutch filters. Once you’re done, simply clean and save for next time.
  • Each tip is handmade using premium Glass
  • Reusable - can be cleaned and re-used
  • Round mouth tip
  • Eco friendly - no more paper gone to waste
  • Safer - no chemicals, residue or fine particles
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse with warm water
  • Available in 4, 20, 40 and 100 packs